The NameSpace class will lookup task names in the the scope defined by a namespace command.

Public Class methods
new(task_manager, scope_list)

Create a namespace lookup object using the given task manager and the list of scopes.

      # File lib/rake.rb, line 1644
1644:     def initialize(task_manager, scope_list)
1645:       @task_manager = task_manager
1646:       @scope = scope_list.dup
1647:     end
Public Instance methods

Lookup a task named name in the namespace.

      # File lib/rake.rb, line 1650
1650:     def [](name)
1651:       @task_manager.lookup(name, @scope)
1652:     end

Return the list of tasks defined in this namespace.

      # File lib/rake.rb, line 1655
1655:     def tasks
1656:       @task_manager.tasks
1657:     end